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Recipe + Video: Chocolate Ganache

Recipe + Video: Chocolate Ganache

Here at McConnell's, we make almost everything that goes into our ice creams and shops from scratch. And today, we're proud to present a recipe video for our wondrous chocolate ganache 🍫!  It's so incredibly delicious you're going to want to start brushing your teeth with it at night. Disclaimer: No one here has any dental training.

Jordan, our Head Baker, and Shannon, our Commissary Manager, are pumped to walk you through this very simple recipe process, and only had to get a little bit drunk 🥂 in order to forget they were being filmed by a team with giant cameras. 

You'll be happy to hear that this ganache requires just 2 ingredients: the finest chocolate available (we use Guittard Chocolate) and an equal part of fresh heavy cream. 

A thought will probably occur you while you're making this: 
What if I just drank this straight up? 

Watch til the end of the video, because you CAN basically drink this straight up. With the addition of a bit of hot water and a sprinkle of sea salt on top, it's a perfectly balanced drinking chocolate elevated to the status of a gourmet beverage. And if you need to soothe your nerves before appearing on camera, just add a little Kahlua. 👌🏼

Enjoy and please tag us in any posts of the finished product so we can share your handiwork! 🙌🏼😍

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