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Leaving the world a little "sweeter" than we found it.

Who We Are

At McC’s, we’re out to produce the finest ice creams in the world, in the most responsible and sustainable way possible. In the process, we hope to enrich and enliven the communities in which we live and work, and leave the world just a little bit “sweeter” than we found it.
Who We Are


Dense and pure-flavored, with smooth, consistent texture and a rich, velvety mouth feel. 70-years of craft, pushing for something greater, and, with a few, simple ingredients, ending up someplace magical.
What We Do
A 70-year, sweet legacy of the finest ingredients, extraordinary recipes and an obsessive attention to detail.
The Old Dairy
We’re not just an ice cream company.
We’re a dairy. This is a big deal.
A 70 year-old, 3rd generation, family-run, start up. Keeping things simple is the most complicated thing we do.
After 70-years, we’ve learned a few things. One of the most important? While our ice creams define us, we’re nothing without our people.