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McConnell’s X Avaline: Behind The Wine

McConnell’s X Avaline: Behind The Wine

Avaline has been raising the bar for the entire wine industry since 2019. Now that’s something to raise a glass (and a scoop!) to. When it comes to upholding high standards of quality, purity, and transparency, Avaline is no stranger. Much like McC’s, Avaline pays close attention to their wine - every step of the way. That’s why working with them was such a natural decision. 

Avaline bottle and glass of Rosé

We spoke with Jessica, the VP of Brand and Innovation at Avaline, to bring you an insider take on the brand and our collaboration. 

What inspired the creation of Avaline?

Avaline was born out of the question between friends: what exactly is in our wine? Our founders, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, often drank wine together and found themselves wondering if their wine was living up to the high standards that they held for everything else they put in their bodies. When they looked into it, they saw an opportunity to bring an organically farmed wine with little additives to the market, and to tell people exactly what went into each bottle. 

What makes Avaline unique?

Our approach is different from most wine brands on the grocery store shelves in that we start with organic grapes and little else. We put the ingredients and serving facts right on the label, as well as our tasting notes, so that you can feel confident about what you’re drinking and just enjoy the moment. 

How did you go about selecting the vineyards? How did you find the vineyards to partner with?

It’s so important to us to partner with producers that align with our values: organic farming, transparency and sustainability. When Cameron and Katherine started Avaline, they traveled around Europe, knocking on doors, and talking directly with the families that make our wines. It was important to them to learn more about their history, the land they farmed, and their winemaking process. We’ve been really lucky to work with incredible partners from day one and continue to build new relationships that support our mission of making clean wine more accessible. 

Mas de Cadenet winery

Mas de Cadenet: the winery that grows the grapes used in Avaline's Rosé

Why is making organically-grown wine so important to you?

When we look at the products in our pantry and fridge, we want to feel confident that we’re putting the highest quality ingredients in our bodies. With wine, that means starting with organic grapes. Additionally, organic farming is gentler on the environment, as it means there’s no synthetic pesticides and  herbicides used on the vineyard. We feel that there’s so much opportunity to grow the organic space in the wine aisle and want to be a leader in building the demand for organically wine.  

What’s your favorite part of working for Avaline? 

    I love working for a brand that I truly believe in. We have an amazing team, and we all work in a really thoughtful, collaborative way. Plus, I honestly love the wine that we make! Every style is delicious and incredibly easy to drink. 

    If you had to choose just one, which Avaline wine is your favorite and why? 

    Definitely our Rosé. It’s light and so refreshing— really perfect for the season. 

    Avaline Rosé laying on a cloth on the grass 

    What inspired you to partner with McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams?

    The partnership really came out of a desire to give our community a new way to enjoy Avaline and making an ice cream for the summer felt like such a fun opportunity.  I’ve always loved McConnell’s ice creams and your commitment to high quality, natural ingredients, so the brand alignment was there. It was such an organic fit from the start! 

    Now that you’ve tasted Avaline Rosé & Boysenberry Milk Jam, what are your thoughts? 

    I love it! The boysenberry preserves really bring out the fruit notes in the wine. It’s the perfect summer pairing. 

    Pint of Avaline Rosé & Boysenberry Milk Jam next to wine bottle and glass of Rosé

    Haven’t tried Avaline Rosé & Boysenberry Milk Jam yet? Try it now at our California scoop shop locations or order online HERE.

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