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Baking Fun: Tips from the McC’s Bakeroom Pros

Baking Fun: Tips from the McC’s Bakeroom Pros

Written by Lindsey Hyslop; Image by Erica Urech

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! For those of you who missed it on our Instagram Stories, we hosted a baking tips Q&A with our two bakeroom leads–Jordan and Shannon. Questions ranged from baking specifics, to how these gals landed such awesome jobs with the McC’s fam. And while our initial intention was to inspire our McC’s fans in their holiday baking, we decided to compile some of the info all in one place for you to use at any time during the year. Check out the deets below! 

Q: If a recipe calls for unsalted butter but I only have salted butter available, can I still use it?
A: Great question! Yes you can, but you’ll want to drop the amount of salt the recipe calls for. Pro tip: a loose rule of thumb is that there’s about ¼ tsp of salt in every stick (or ½ cup) of salted butter.

Q: Is there an easy way to convert recipes that call for grams, to cups?
A: It depends on what you’re measuring! Grams are weight and a cup is volume, so We’d recommend using the Internet for converting. Just make sure to say what you’re measuring as that will dictate the conversion. We also recommend buying a scale, like this one, which can help ensure consistent measurements for all recipes.

Q: What’s the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe?
A: We love the cookies baked from our Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough (now sold in pints online & in scoop shops!). It’s a classic McC’s recipe but it’ll always remain a secret (sorry y'all).

Q: What do I do if my cookies keep spreading too much?
A: It’s likely because the recipe has a high butter content, and it’s possible they were too warm going into the oven. Make sure your oven is holding the correct temperature, and try popping the cookies in the fridge for at least 10 minutes prior to baking!

Q: How can I make perfect little cheesecake bites? So delicious in the ice cream!
A: Excellent question! You could simply make a normal cheesecake recipe but instead bake it in a sheet tray so that the crust & cheesecake layers are thinner. Then when it is done baking let it fully cool in the fridge overnight & cut tiny cubes out in a grid pattern.

Q: I’m new to baking; where should I start?
A: We recommend starting simple. Pick a recipe from a reputable source that you trust, and start with the basics! Snacking cakes, simple cookies, etc. Give yourself some grace, and go for it! The best way to learn is with practice.

Q: What is the difference between baking soda & baking powder / are they interchangeable?
A: They are not interchangeable, but they have a lot in common! Baking soda has one ingredient: sodium bicarbonate. Baking powder is made of a few things, one of which is sodium bicarbonate. They are both levelers, used to add that ‘all-important-airiness’ we all desire in our baked goods.
The biggest difference between the two is that baking soda requires acid to be added as well (think: buttermilk, lemon juice, etc), while baking powder has the acid mixed in already (usually in the form of cream of tartar), so all baking powder needs to rise is liquid. The balance of acid and levelers is delicate, which is also why the right amounts of both baking powder and baking soda are often used together. 

Q: What can I substitute for flour if I’m gluten intolerant?
A: In most things, you can use a gluten-free flour mix, subbed in at the same ratio as regular flour. Two great brands for this are: Cup 4 Cup, or Bob’s Redmill.

Q: How do I get a job in the bake room?
A: Right now, we’re fully staffed with an incredible and small team, but if anything opens up, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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