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Why does our ice cream taste so good?

Why does our ice cream taste so good?

There’s a reason why our ice cream is so damn good: we make it the hard way, because it’s the right way.

Did you know that most ice cream companies (even premium, artisanal ice cream companies) don’t actually make their own ice cream? Most companies pay a manufacturer to produce their product (a process called “co-packing") which is then marketed and sold under their brand name.

Why does it matter?


Control begets quality, and quality is what matters to us. We control what goes into our ice cream and what doesn’t go into it. We control every step of the process along the way from pasteurizing the milk and cream ourselves, to making the cookies, jams and swirls right here in our kitchen. And there’s no crap added, ever. No gums, no fillers, no stabilizers, no preservatives. We don’t want to eat that stuff, and you shouldn’t either.

If we’re being honest, it would be easier to buy a pre-made ice cream mix with less cream and more milk. It would be more profitable to whip extra air into our ice cream (it’s called “overrun”), and cut our cost of goods with tapioca starch, carrageenen or guar gum, like everyone else.

Maybe we’re crazy. Maybe we’re stupid. But this is why we are able to make the creamiest, cleanest, most indulgent ice creams on the market. It’s how Mac & Ernesteen McConnell started making ice cream in 1949, and we are proud to continue the legacy of their vision, 70 years later.

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