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Holly Jolly Collection

Holly Jolly Collection

Holly Jolly Collection


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Foil-wrapped pears? Fruit isn't a gift, people. Send the gift of holiday cheer with the Holly Jolly Collection! Guaranteed to provide six times more cheer than a box of pears. 

-Egg Nog: Our creamy, spicy mix of Sri Lankan cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, a hint of R.R. Lochhead® vanilla, and a smidgeon of rum-spiked sweetness.

-Peppermint Stick: The divine, “holidayish”, minty goodness of organic peppermint, paired with heaps of peppermint candy and a splash of R.R. Lochhead® vanilla. An enduring, McC’s favorite. The Best part? You can enjoy it all year long.

-Pumpkin Pie: House-roasted pumpkin and a seasonally delicious puree of molasses, Sri Lankan cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice and R.R. Lochhead® vanilla, stirred into California Central Coast, grass-fed milk & cream.

-Sea Salt Cream & Cookies: Dense, velvety smooth sweet cream ice cream, a hint of local sea salt and bountiful bits of our chewy, Guittard®, chocolate chunk cookies.

-Sweet Cream: Decadent, velvety smooth Central Coast, grass-fed milk & cream, cage-free organic eggs, pure cane sugar and nothing else. The essence of what makes McC’s so fine.

-Whiskey & Pecan Pralines: Central Coast milk & cream spiked with rich, mouth-coating, smoky ‘n spicy Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and legendary Mascot Pecan’s® buttery, salt-roasted ‘n caramel-coated pecans.

6 16-oz. Pints