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Dads & Grads Bundle

Dads & Grads Bundle

Dads & Grads Bundle

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Cheer the grad and celebrate dad with flavors you know they'll love, shipped straight to their doorstep!

Order by Tuesday, June 15th at 10 am PT for delivery by Father's Day.


Salted Caramel Chip: Salt + caramel? Meh. Caramel + salt + melted, bittersweet chocolate? Uh, yes please? Distinct, caramelized toffee notes bathed in grass-fed milk & cream. A drool-worthy trifecta 10-point Helvetica cannot convey.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate: Great chocolate ice cream. Like unicorns, it’s mostly a myth. We want to believe, sure. But what do we get? Sadness. Well, not anymore, kids. Welcome to this trifecta of Guittard cocoa, house-made chocolate ganache and our melted, bittersweet chocolate chip. Believe it.

Sea Salt Cream & Cookies: Dense, velvety, sweet cream ice cream, spiked with a hint of sea salt and bountiful bits of our house-baked, chewy, Guittard®, chocolate chunk cookie.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sando: Bright, red ribbons of picked-at-their-peak, Santa Barbara strawberries - cooked-down to jammyluscious perfection - chunks of thick & salty peanut butter, and hunks of house-made white bread, stirred into rich, sweet cream ice cream. ‘Cause sometimes, it’s all about going old school.

Toasted Coconut Chip: Shredded coconut, toasted to caramelized perfection, crunchy, salt-roasted almonds, and our melted, bittersweet chocolate chip. What coconut milk-based “ice creams” want to be when they grow up.

5 16-oz. Pints