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Enzo's Table Biscotti Crumble Bundle

Enzo's Table Biscotti Crumble Bundle

Enzo's Table Biscotti Crumble Bundle

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 Inspired by the flavors of summer on California’s Central Coast, we partnered with our friends at Enzo’s Table to bring you a limited edition bundle featuring their exceptional Almond Biscotti Crumbles. Pair the crumbles with our ice creams for a match made in foodie heaven.


- Traditional Almond Biscotti Crumbles: These flavorful cookie crumbs feature fresh roasted Ricchiuti Family Farms’ estate grown almonds blended with rich vanilla to create a subtly sweet, nut-filled crumble.

- Cherry Cheesecake & Graham Cracker Crumble: Cheese. Cake. Dynasties have literally been built atop the combined shoulders of these two, at first seemingly unrelated foodstuffs. Well, who are we to question the logic? Particularly when it involves a tart sour cherry swirl and chunks of McC’s house-made graham cracker crumble. 

- Banana Peanut Butter & ChocolateAs fans of all-things bananas, we go bananas for, uh...bananas. You too? Then get ready for this combo of the aforementioned bananas, alongside salty peanut butter ribbons and our melted Guittard® chocolate chip. You’re sure to go, uh...yes.

- Salted Caramel Chip: Salt + caramel? Meh. Caramel + salt + melted, bittersweet chocolate? Uh, yes please? Distinct, caramelized toffee notes bathed in grass-fed milk & cream. A drool-worthy trifecta 10-point Helvetica cannot convey.

- Vanilla Bean: Sourced from the Madagascar farms of 50+ year McC’s partner, vanilla revolutionary/guru R.R. Lochhead®. The very same, full-flavored, classic ‘nilla-liciousness we’ve been kicking down since forever.

4 16-oz. Pints & one 11 oz bag of Cookie Crumbles