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Dads & Grads Bundle

Dads & Grads Bundle

Dads & Grads Bundle

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Cheer the grad and celebrate dad with flavors you know they'll love, shipped straight to their doorstep!

Order by June 10 for delivery by Father's Day.


Salted Caramel Chip: Salt + caramel? Meh. Caramel + salt + melted, bittersweet chocolate? Uh, yes please? Distinct, caramelized toffee notes bathed in grass-fed milk & cream. A drool-worthy trifecta 10-point Helvetica cannot convey.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate: Great chocolate ice cream. Like unicorns, it’s mostly a myth. We want to believe, sure. But what do we get? Sadness. Well, not anymore, kids. Welcome to this trifecta of Guittard cocoa, house-made chocolate ganache and our melted, bittersweet chocolate chip. Believe it.

Sea Salt Cream & Cookies: Dense, velvety, sweet cream ice cream, spiked with a hint of sea salt and bountiful bits of our house-baked, chewy, Guittard®, chocolate chunk cookie.

Coffee: Snooze-worthy coffee ice cream? No f&$#@ way. Our legit, steel-toed-boots-to-the-dome coffee ice cream is built to the same specs it has been for decades: A coffee fanatic’s combo of cold brew and house-made espresso, infused into fresh, grass-fed milk & cream.

Toasted Coconut Chip: Shredded coconut, toasted to caramelized perfection, crunchy, salt-roasted almonds, and our melted, bittersweet chocolate chip. What coconut milk-based “ice creams” want to be when they grow up.

5 16-oz. Pints