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Scoop Shop Spotlight: Los Feliz!

Scoop Shop Spotlight: Los Feliz!

Los Feliz is an eclectic and exceptionally charming neighborhood... that moves to the beat of its own drum. (And by drum, we mean synth beat from an underground indie song.)

In a world where homogenous is the name of the game name, and identical strip malls define much of modern American culture, Los Feliz is a breath of fresh air, with many establishments seeming to have hardly changed since their inception decades ago (i.e. the Dresden). People-watching here can be like viewing various colorful birds who have escaped from the zoo.

This hood is centrally located in the city, so it’s near downtown and an easy jaunt to Hollywood, Glendale, Burbank, or Silverlake/Echo Park. It’s a highly walkable town as well, which is hugely relieving during LA rush hour traffic.

With two vintage movie theaters, easy access to Griffith Park, and some of the best food in LA, this neighborhood has got it going on! Thai town is around the corner, Little Dom’s is a stronghold as your old school/hip Italian joint, you can hit Kismet for a foodie dinner, fred62 or the House of Pies if you’re going for that no-frills-diner vibe, Homestate for down-home Texas breakfast tacos, or Bar Covell for a hot date (or solo glass of wine).

And we might be biased, but you should probably end your day (and maybe every day?) at our Los Feliz scoop shop (directions here!) with an ice cream cone in hand, on the beautiful patio we share with Go Get Em Tiger coffee.

We checked in with our Manager, Alfredo, to learn a little more about him and his take on the hood:

1. What's your name? What's your deal? How did you come to work at McConnell's?

My name is Alfredo, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I’m just your typical dude trying to get through life one day at a time. Live music and being surrounded by friends is when I am happiest. I typically keep my circle small, but come say hello, I’m super friendly.

How I ended up at McConnell’s is a funny story (now, but not at the time). I was working in EMS and needed a way to make some extra money without having to add to my 60+ hrs a week in an ambulance, so I went to the internet to look for other job opportunities. My big plan was to get a 2nd job and propose to my girlfriend at the time. Well, as life should have it, that relationship fell apart shortly after!

I left my job in EMS and focused my time at McConnell's, eating away my feelings. (Thanks, guys!) At the time it was rough, but looking back it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It allowed me to focus on myself and do things for me. And had it not happened, I would have never started nursing school or met my best friend, mosh pit buddy, and love of my life, Sarah! (For realsies this time)

So that is basically me in a nutshell. McConnell’s general manager, Nursing student, and overall swell guy.

2. Tell us something our customers wouldn't guess about you.

I absolutely loooove history and political science. Specifically 1915-45 and 80s US foreign policy in Latin America! I also have a soft spot for country music such as Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson

3. What are your favorite places to eat and favorite things to do in Los Feliz?

Best Fish Taco In Ensenada is probably one of the places I frequent the most... 2 fish and 2 shrimp tacos, please! And then McConnell's for dessert of course.

4. What makes this neighborhood unique?

It’s just a very fun and vibrant neighborhood. There are so many things changing, and a lot of construction and new shops opening up. The people are nice, and it feels like home.

5. Do you have a signature Ice Cream Sammie combo?

Yes. Here's a how to:
Sea Salt and Chocolate Chunk cookie. 
Put some chocolate ganache in a bowl, and coat the bottom side of the cookie. 
Flip cookie over in a new bowl.
Freeze that!
Add Milk & White Chocolate Walnut ice cream to 1st cookie
Make a crater in the ice cream
Fill with Marshmallow Fluff and almonds. 
Place 2nd cookie on top
Voila! Messy and delicious.

 We're looking forward to seeing you.

CLICK HERE for directions!


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