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McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams has been churning out our authentic, All-American, handcrafted goodness for nearly 70 years, building a sweet legacy of extraordinary ingredients, uniquely indulgent recipes and incomparable taste and texture. 

From pasteurizing our own milk and cream (at The Old Dairy, in downtown, Santa Barbara) to the cage-free organic eggs we bring in from California Central Coast farms (where the grass grows green year 'round, thank you), to Mac’s one-of-a-kind, Hybrid French Pot Process, to the insane lengths we go to keep preservatives, fillers and/or stabilizers - of any kind - away from our blessed ice cream (#@*& no! Never had ‘em. Never will), it’s all about one thing:

Achieving ice cream perfection. 

Call us obsessive. Fanatical, even (we’ll take it as a compliment, thank you). 

The results speak for themselves. 

The indisputably richest, creamiest, densest, most decadently mind-bending, toe-curlingly damned fine ice cream you will ever lay your taste buds on.

And just to be clear, when we say “Fine Ice Creams,” we mean the Finest.